Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Undecided Me..

So..last time when I signed off ,I told you that when the seasons of change were about to transform the lifeless conditions prevalent at the college, amidst the beauty of it all , there happened to be a guy named 'me' who was all very confused!

It was no trifle that occupied my CPU,but it was a nascent habit I guess. As far as I remember,my senses do tend go on a bit of 'freeze-for-a-moment' routine,occasionally.Actually I think that's great when it comes to a person's health his physique and his psyche( as it is I m muscular physically and mentally...n jst in case u need sm insprshn I promise 2 be ur role-model..dnt u worry...)

Well,that was not the part of the dilemma that I was facing at that moment,but the fact..well..yeah facts ,no matter how precise they might be but they will always ruin the precision of our experiences. Anyways the thing that mattered then was that we as friends were not on good terms.

But FATE still had a vision to spare,and Mr. GOD still had a plan!!

So, when my friend was up for the technical-club thing ,I got involved with a different perspective...but yeah I must tell you that bit was a test of my identity.
Not that what I was,but what I wanted to be. Precisely, It was the literary-society bug that had caught me.

Capricious,as it was, I was drawn into a game...a game of my wits,my guts,my talent , my enthusiasm,my shrewdness,everything...I must say I was game for it,instead!

Challenges, what one perceives is what one is deceived that's what a challenge is!!

This was a kind of a 'pluck-on-the-butt' situation:)...that is a part of the Literary Club story now...catch me live on that one...aahemmmm...someday!!

still to be contd... ;)

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