Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Still Like You...

"Gandhi"..."Sudesh-Gandhi is my name"....there was a deep resonating effect with a serene shrill as he said it.

Word had spread that the lad was an egghead(refer:SCHOLARLY).

The man was a dumbhead,he thought, he was admired secretly by students in the batch.As for the teachers, they were open about it.The guy it appeared had a fun loving spirit and had always thought college would be the coolest place for it.

Friends for him, it seemed poured just out of the elixir of FATE.Some that he wanted to be with.Some who would not want to be with him.He wished to be a part of a group,a HERD!

College life began with a thrust of responsibilties,he thought were the hardest but learned later from a friend who had migrated to U.S.A, that it was even tougher out there!Realization dawned.Studying the same subjects all over again during the semester was a pain.

A new girl "Neha" who had joined the college late eventually became a partner in a presentation along with two more guys.Tough but not tough enough!!The presentation got through well.

Neha was a girl ,he had admired .It was so perfect he thought,"The gal sings well"!

Anyways,it was Neha's friend who had bewitched our man.Her presence on the college-auditorium's stage was enough for him to reach for the heavens.

Her name was "---". Well,what could be said about her!!

It was hard for that matter that '---' was an outgoing free-spirit who had attracted the attention of our colt!

Probably ,he thought he would befriend her more than others someday.Was it a crush.He considered the four-letter 'L' word instead. Maniac..As illusive as it was,so were the dreams of our guy.While watching movies, it was always her with him at different thresholds.He couldn't resist the feeling.It was devouring him pyschologically.

As a matter of fact,one of the close friends was her classmate.And in order to attain the licence to the unknown territory , Sudesh had to leak the info to him.The guy laughed out hard.It was humour for him.Sudesh took it as a constructive one.He began navigating all trusted ones to the shore of illusiveness.

Days would go by in anticipation.The problem , it ocurred was not that he seemed to like her but that there was no possible way during that time that could help him to score a talk with her.

She belonged to a different stream. All he could do was to wait all day long until he would see her on the campus ,still wondering whether he should go by and say "hello" ,and then to just let it go because courage was quite an issue there for our poor boy!
Days went by.

He wrote a letter to '----' and mailed it to her :
To Kasturba

You see , now , life has come to its twilight. As with the sunset , the feelings sublime. The warmth of the breeze now delivers its cool. As my day gets over , I cherish all those moments you had made me savour.When I first saw you, it was symphony. Days used to go by in anticipation. The slow and dull, also seemed beautiful. It was a blessing.

Later , it became a conquest. It was a search. A search for you!!What my senses made of it is quite improper, but yes that was an illusion. An Illusion on whatever I perceived, whatever I thought. An illusion to me. You were illusive. But, it, compelled me to flow with the melody. Melody of the moment drowned all .
Now, it seems , that all those notes of life, are just a memory.As illusive as they were when they were.

But I... still like you.....


Well, "confused"???....So was our guy....What else could it be..
No Reply from '---' or Kasturba as you might say , came. I told him( as usual as fearless as I am always ;) ...) he should not have done it. She might report it to the authorities . God...why did I even say that. So, this came as a bolt to our literally THUNDERSTUCK man!!

I would go on describing the way he was shattered , the way he then gathered courage , and the way he was leaping with joy the day he got a reply, thus , describing a happy ending perhaps , but I would not .
Not until I break my word that I am not going to lie. ;)

I hope you got it. But he didn't...

To be contd..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The LOooOng And Short Of It( The Tech-Club Story-Suggestions Invited)

Guys, 'The Tech-Fest' , child of innovation of the Eternal-Technocrats ,has been subjected by FATE to doom..(for the time-being offcourse---cheer up people)
It seems a bit harsh (and yeah literally boring !! ) to speak of the doleful mishappening.(actually that sucks!)
Anyways , as you might have noticed that the constitution of Man , is a double-entendre.
But the lesson learnt was-"Never aspire for aspirations" at Baru-Sahib because you don't know, maybe the next moment you are upto something, you might end up NOT doing it and that's for most of the part SURE!
So, I send my deepest condolences to those who would ..not in their lifetime here(don't be too sure about it) at ACET, be able to witness something that could have been a good TECH-FEST and a better one later on.(only if the good one would had got organised!) And wonder what about are saga?
The story about our Tech-Club: the Eternal-Technocrats, stands suspended and the day the fest was humoured upon, I vowed not to blog anymore about it.
So I am throwing it upon you..
If you think that I should bring forth the nooks and corners of the idealogy of a"Tech-Fest" here at Baru-Sahib,do help me change my mind.Write in your comments so that with such valuable peice of feedback,I derive my motivation to go on and if not then yeah,"All Izz well,but it does not end well"!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Undecided Me..

So..last time when I signed off ,I told you that when the seasons of change were about to transform the lifeless conditions prevalent at the college, amidst the beauty of it all , there happened to be a guy named 'me' who was all very confused!

It was no trifle that occupied my CPU,but it was a nascent habit I guess. As far as I remember,my senses do tend go on a bit of 'freeze-for-a-moment' routine,occasionally.Actually I think that's great when it comes to a person's health his physique and his psyche( as it is I m muscular physically and mentally...n jst in case u need sm insprshn I promise 2 be ur role-model..dnt u worry...)

Well,that was not the part of the dilemma that I was facing at that moment,but the fact..well..yeah facts ,no matter how precise they might be but they will always ruin the precision of our experiences. Anyways the thing that mattered then was that we as friends were not on good terms.

But FATE still had a vision to spare,and Mr. GOD still had a plan!!

So, when my friend was up for the technical-club thing ,I got involved with a different perspective...but yeah I must tell you that bit was a test of my identity.
Not that what I was,but what I wanted to be. Precisely, It was the literary-society bug that had caught me.

Capricious,as it was, I was drawn into a game...a game of my wits,my guts,my talent , my enthusiasm,my shrewdness,everything...I must say I was game for it,instead!

Challenges, what one perceives is what one is deceived by...now that's what a challenge is!!

This was a kind of a 'pluck-on-the-butt' situation:)...that is a part of the Literary Club story now...catch me live on that one...aahemmmm...someday!!

still to be contd... ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bemusing Bygone(the Tech-Club story contd..)

Life is a serious misinterpretor..
When you look at the calms of the sea you are not supposed to deny that their are categorised dangers underlying its blue silk.We've always heard that there's an all pervading SUPER,a macho ,a mastermind,ONE who calls himself Mr.GOD,ONE (with all due respect ,waheguru!!) who always has a plan ,and usually as we are told ,that plan is bigger than we imagine.Yet ,we never agree.
I hope you agree to this one.
Anyways,I play my next move with FATE(the mum of all trouble)..
The gems that everybody was supposed to collect out of Rittika ma'am's words that day ,found themselves in wrong hands.
The talk for establishing a technical-club was bemusing to all my classmates.
This time ,I should say, THEY misinterpreted life!!
It was a"Blessing in Disguise" for my friend,the guy who deserves more than than anyone can say or understand(you know its a bit beyond the scope of their mental-horizons)Anyways presenting before you,we have amidst us the beginner of 'et-al'-Jaspreet .
For my part, I was in a world distant and unknown.(yeah I confess guilty-'I m a bit confused smtyms'..)
to be contd....;)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Ups And Ups Of Life!(The Tech-Club Story)

Life, right, you read that one correctly,L.I.F.E. indeed it is!!Today,the same offered our group,our most awaited achievement.
After the topsy-turvy lanes that we traversed comprising discussions,negotiations,altercations,and sometimes though calling-it-quits as well, I am so much proud, akin to the president of U.S.A,to hereby declare our victory over the odds of time.
One might wonder ,what was so interesting about this life?
Meanings!!The meanings that we associate to a particular lifetime!
O.K let me go into a flashback and elaborate..
It was a sultry Saturday morning,9:10 a.m,the weekly advisory-meeting lecture was taking place.Our advisor Ms. Rittika Thakur(yeah spelt widda dbl 't',her strict instructions:),can't help it!!)was trying to share with us some problems that we were experiencing at that time as university students.Hard time!, I remember,yet funny , as life always is.She was trying to convince students to do constructive activities out here( u noe as students v r obscurely absolutely destructive!) I reminisce now,that although a minor-thing that it is now for both of us,I was on a mutual "no-personal-utter" movement with my friend.(I don e1 rembr d cause f d fyt!)...
to be continued...:)

The Kalgidhar Society and Baru-Sahib--The Valley Of Divine Peace

The Kalgidhar Society ,is a humanitarian charity organization that primarily builds educational institutions for the poor in underprivileged rural areas of North India. Due to the desperate need of medical facilities in the far-flung rural areas, the Kalgidhar Society has established various drug & alcohol rehabilitation and healthcare centers for the neglected rurals. The Kalgidhar Society’s Financial Literacy Programme for women, empowers unemployed rural women with skills to earn livelihood and live a dignified life.
The Kalgidhar Society is an international organization with headquarters in North India. The Society has branch offices in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore.

To make a donation for their superior cause, follow the link-http://www.barusahib.org/donor_detail.php or visit their home-page,http://barusahib.org/

Baru Sahib, the land of meditation (tapobhoomi) spread over 400 Acres is located in a remote corner of the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The estate of Baru Sahib is ensconced in beautiful lush Himalayan mountains on the verdant slopes of the Shivaliks. The sylvan surroundings and the cool breezing air has a tranquilizing effect on the mind.
The estate abounds in bubbling mountain streams, Himalayan springs and gushing waterfalls casting a magical spell on the human mind. The entire place is surrounded by the orchids of plum, peach, apricot & walnut.
‘The Valley of Divine Peace’.