Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Ups And Ups Of Life!(The Tech-Club Story)

Life, right, you read that one correctly,L.I.F.E. indeed it is!!Today,the same offered our group,our most awaited achievement.
After the topsy-turvy lanes that we traversed comprising discussions,negotiations,altercations,and sometimes though calling-it-quits as well, I am so much proud, akin to the president of U.S.A,to hereby declare our victory over the odds of time.
One might wonder ,what was so interesting about this life?
Meanings!!The meanings that we associate to a particular lifetime!
O.K let me go into a flashback and elaborate..
It was a sultry Saturday morning,9:10 a.m,the weekly advisory-meeting lecture was taking place.Our advisor Ms. Rittika Thakur(yeah spelt widda dbl 't',her strict instructions:),can't help it!!)was trying to share with us some problems that we were experiencing at that time as university students.Hard time!, I remember,yet funny , as life always is.She was trying to convince students to do constructive activities out here( u noe as students v r obscurely absolutely destructive!) I reminisce now,that although a minor-thing that it is now for both of us,I was on a mutual "no-personal-utter" movement with my friend.(I don e1 rembr d cause f d fyt!)...
to be continued...:)

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