Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bemusing Bygone(the Tech-Club story contd..)

Life is a serious misinterpretor..
When you look at the calms of the sea you are not supposed to deny that their are categorised dangers underlying its blue silk.We've always heard that there's an all pervading SUPER,a macho ,a mastermind,ONE who calls himself Mr.GOD,ONE (with all due respect ,waheguru!!) who always has a plan ,and usually as we are told ,that plan is bigger than we imagine.Yet ,we never agree.
I hope you agree to this one.
Anyways,I play my next move with FATE(the mum of all trouble)..
The gems that everybody was supposed to collect out of Rittika ma'am's words that day ,found themselves in wrong hands.
The talk for establishing a technical-club was bemusing to all my classmates.
This time ,I should say, THEY misinterpreted life!!
It was a"Blessing in Disguise" for my friend,the guy who deserves more than than anyone can say or understand(you know its a bit beyond the scope of their mental-horizons)Anyways presenting before you,we have amidst us the beginner of 'et-al'-Jaspreet .
For my part, I was in a world distant and unknown.(yeah I confess guilty-'I m a bit confused smtyms'..)
to be contd....;)

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