Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The LOooOng And Short Of It( The Tech-Club Story-Suggestions Invited)

Guys, 'The Tech-Fest' , child of innovation of the Eternal-Technocrats ,has been subjected by FATE to doom..(for the time-being offcourse---cheer up people)
It seems a bit harsh (and yeah literally boring !! ) to speak of the doleful mishappening.(actually that sucks!)
Anyways , as you might have noticed that the constitution of Man , is a double-entendre.
But the lesson learnt was-"Never aspire for aspirations" at Baru-Sahib because you don't know, maybe the next moment you are upto something, you might end up NOT doing it and that's for most of the part SURE!
So, I send my deepest condolences to those who would ..not in their lifetime here(don't be too sure about it) at ACET, be able to witness something that could have been a good TECH-FEST and a better one later on.(only if the good one would had got organised!) And wonder what about are saga?
The story about our Tech-Club: the Eternal-Technocrats, stands suspended and the day the fest was humoured upon, I vowed not to blog anymore about it.
So I am throwing it upon you..
If you think that I should bring forth the nooks and corners of the idealogy of a"Tech-Fest" here at Baru-Sahib,do help me change my mind.Write in your comments so that with such valuable peice of feedback,I derive my motivation to go on and if not then yeah,"All Izz well,but it does not end well"!!

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